ECONOMUSIC: Keeping Score

In this newest piece, Bogad plays the Economusician, who makes absurd music out of economic data. Bogad takes note of, and makes notes from, falling property values and wages, rising prison populations and sea levels, and others indicators of our ongoing permacrisis. The musical scores keep score in the class struggle. The result is Econo-cacophony.

This piece was first performed March 30, 2012 at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York, and most recently in Helsinki on November 9th at the Baltic Circle Theatre Festival.

It will be performed again on Wednesday, November 28th, at 7pm at NYU’s Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, and again in January 2013 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as part of the Hemispheric Institute’s international Encuentro.

Economusic has been funded by the Bay Area Theatre Fund.

Photos by Antti Yrjönen.

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