My work is featured in the “New Situationists” Exhibit on Pro Arts Gallery on Frank Ogawa Plaza, downtown Oakland. It’s right by the 12th Street BART station, easy to get to, perfect to check out on a lunch break: 150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612.
The exhibit is open until April 28, Tuesdays through Fridays, 12-6pm. Would love to know what you think about it. Here’s the link to the exhibit. There are some great subversive and troublemaking artists on display for you to check out: https://proartsgallery.org/event/the-new-situationists/
For my part of the exhibit, I’ve got 3 video screens looping some of my performances and talks there, one of my cartoons on the wall, and some books/a play and some prank newspapers on display. And there’s a whole calendar of amazing talks and performances as well.
I’m also doing two free performances, in Ogawa Plaza. One is 12-2pm on Friday April 21 (another good way to spend some of your lunch break), and the other is 9pm on Earth Day, Saturday April 22. On April 22, I’ll be performing after the WigBand goes on at 7:30pm, so please come and check them out first, they are amazing!
***April 21, 12-2pm THE DEPARTMENT OF DREAMS, HOPES AND FEARS, 2017 Style. This is an expanded and updated version of this piece, working with a team of Agents and my colleague and PhD advisee, the excellent comedian and political analyst, Omar Abdullah. We will have our bureaucratic offices set up outside right in front of Oakland City Hall.
This is a unique opportunity for residents of Oakland to interact with the new administration. We will make Frank Ogawa Plaza great again. The Department of Dreams, Hopes, and Fears will install a special outdoor, lunchtime office in the Plaza so that workers can submit their most personal inner thoughts and aspirations for official processing by our highly trained bureaucrats and their extreme-vetting techniques. Please line up in an orderly manner and be prepared to read from George Orwell’s 1984, and other important tasks, on demand.
***April 22, 9pm: ECONOMUSIC KEEPING SCORE. This is an expanded version of this piece (which I’ve performed versions of in Helsinki, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Barcelona, as well as in NYC, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and at SFMOMA and YCBA)…I’ll be using my latest unnecessary technology, and actual Economusic digital app, to convert the latest socioeconomic disaster data into horrifying music.
For this special production of this neoDadaist production, Bogad will convert socioeconomic data into music and perform it with the help of the audience. The musical scores will be projected directly onto City Hall and the audience will sit on the plaza steps where the Occupy Village once held its meetings. Prepare to sing the Unemployment rate while the Economusician harmonizes with the Incarceration Rate or the Homelessness rate. We will feel the data together, in our ears, lungs and larynxes. Special guest musicians, and/or economists, may appear.
(before this piece, WIGband performs 730pm! Don’t miss them!)

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