A review of Economusic in Argentina By EMERGENTE

An invisible border opens in the auditorium of MARTE Matienzo Performing Arts.
There, an Errorist security guard controls the arrival of the public.
On the side, the agent-clown Larry Bogad, sitting at a desk, data calls some people. Silence in the room. In the background the Manifesto Economusical is projected:
“Economusic reflects the ups and downs of major economic trends, making note of, and making notes from, declining property values and wages, rising prison populations and sea levels, resonating with the tremolos and allegro of the vibrant and pulsating brutality of our permacrisis “. Keyboard, clarinet, plugs. Posts sunk in ink. Treble, bass tones.
Graphs and statistics. For an hour, Bogad invited the public to be part of an experiment, a reflection,
laughter and astonishment, to rethink the vagaries of the market and global finance. A provocation to understand that change depends on us.


And from SUB COOPERATIVA DE FOTOGRAPHOS, another series of photos and (https://www.facebook.com/subcoop/, scroll to July 22):
Siempre da placer ver gente grosa con tanta simpleza y humildad. Larry es de esos tipos que uno siente que conoce de hace mucho tiempo. Una persona que genera admiración pero un tipo de admiración que te llama a abrazarlo como a un viejo amigo.
La semana pasada, el performer militante neoyorquino se presentó en el Centro Cultural Matienzo invitado por los Etcetera Etcetera Erroristas y nuestra Cria conjunta. Esperábamos algo callejero, teatral y potente ; técnicas de combate sarcástico contra policías armados pero Larry Bogad dio una presentación prolija de música económica. Resultó ser una mezcla de política, belleza y humor que desbordaba todas las categorizaciones. Quedó la sensación que ahí están las armas que vamos a necesitar.
(It is always a pleasure to see great people with such simplicity and humility. Larry is one of those guys that makes you feel like you’re old friends. A person who generates admiration but a type of admiration that calls you to hug him like an old friend.
Last week, the militant new york performer was presented at the cultural center matienzo invited by Etcetera Etcetera, Cria, and our joint. We expected something: powerful street theatre, sarcastic combat techniques against armed police, but Larry Bogad gave a neat presentation of economic music. Turned out to be a mix of politics, beauty and humor that overflowed with all the categorizations. Got the feeling that there are weapons that we’re going to need.)

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MOBILIZATION, 2007, VOL 12; NUMB 3, pages 329-330
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Jen Angel
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This article was part of Liberate Your Space, the Winter 2008 issue of YES! Magazine.

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