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  1. Rafael says:

    This is yet another reoasn why governments should not have a monopoly in local community policing or security. Monopolists are not accountable, as we have seen from the Federal Reserve money monopoly and its banking cartel. Likewise, the government police and security monopolists are allowed to be above the law, are allowed to commit actual crimes against peaceful, innocent people, and these thugs are rarely brought to justice. This is why we must de-monopolize local community policing and security away from government control, and allow any private, competitive security firm to provide such services, and allow any voluntary individuals or groups to do their own community policing if they want to, and all these people would be made to follow the rule of law. This would apply to normal everyday life in the community, or unusual situations such as protests, rallies or marches.Another suggestion to consider, if the government must continue to have this kind of immoral, dangerous monopoly of policing and security, the people need to consider disarming all government employees including police, and encouraging only civilians to be armed. Our society would be much better off this way.

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