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MY NEW BOOKS ARE PUBLISHED: Tactical Performance and Electoral Guerrilla Theatre, Second Edition!

Tactical Performance front cover

EGT front cover

Routledge Press has now published my new books! TACTICAL PERFORMANCE and ELECTORAL GUERRILLA THEATRE, Second Edition!

Dear friends,

After years of research, revision, and readjusting the clown nose on my gasmask, the new book is out and ready. It’s based on 15 years of research on, and participation in, creative and performance-based activism. I hope you find it useful and even a little entertaining. You may even find yourself in there.

Please order it, or request it for your town or campus library. Ask your local bookstore to carry it. Consider using it in your curriculum, discussion group, or flip through it for ideas when planning a creative action.

Please share this on social media and just pass the word in whatever way you can. Write a review about it for a journal or magazine or blog. Any or all of the above will help get the word out about the book.

I’d love to hear your feedback.

Here’s where you can find the book to order. It’s also available on other websites:
TACTICAL PERFORMANCE: The Theory and Practice of Serious Play


Tactical Performance explores creative protest in unique depth, looking at the possibilities for direct action and theatrical confrontation with some of the most powerful institutions in the world. It effectively combines theory and practice, illustrating the basic principles of artful activism in an absorbing, accessible manner.

L.M. Bogad draws on his own experience as a writer, performer, and strategist working with groups such as the Yes Men, the Clown Army, Reclaim the Streets, and La Pocha Nostra, to share the most effective nonviolent tactics and theatrics.

An inspiring practical and theoretical guide, Tactical Performance is essential reading for anyone interested in creative pranksterism, subvertisement, cultural sabotage,and the global justice movement.

Lucid, sharp, funny, Bogad’s Tactical Performance is the book we’ve been waiting for on creative activism.

— Diana Taylor, Director, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics; Professor of Performance Studies, New York University; author of Performance

Tactical Performance rehearses theatre and social justice strategies at their best: historically connected, culturally informed, alive and nimble in their responses to the political moment. With the savvy of a participant/observer and the acuity of an historian and critic, Bogad provides a lively overview of important activist performances, asking us to reconsider its effects and its promise. A crystal-clear argument in a must-read book for all who care about performance and social change.

— Jill Dolan, Annan Professor of English, Princeton University, and author of Utopia In Performance: Finding Hope at the Theatre

Beautifully written; a playful, potent mixture of history, how-to, and theory, informed by the author’s many years of personal front-line experience.

— The Yes Men (Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno)

The love child of Lenny Bruce and Saul Alinsky, Bogad has worked, on the street and behind the scenes, at the nexus of some of the most compelling art-interventions of the past 15 years. He brings his truly original and bizarre performance-art sensibility both to his activism and to this ground-breaking book. Read it!

–Guillermo Gómez-Peña, writer, performance artist and pedagogue

Appalling bad taste and worse judgment make Bogad’s interventions memorable and frequently effective. Don’t try this alone at home. These actions should be undertaken with friends, and preferably with very good friends.

— Peter Sellars, theatre and opera director

PS: the 2nd edition of Electoral Guerrilla Theatre: Radical Ridicule and Social Movements is also out! New! Updated! Improved! With over 20% more prank election campaigns! You can find it at this link, with stories of radical prank election campaigns from the Gnomes of Amsterdam to Pauline Pantsdown to Joan JettBlakk and Stephen Colbert, from Einstein the Dog to the Best Party in Iceland:

PPS You can still by my bizarre and darkly satirical play about COINTELPRO here for just $5. We just did it at the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Studio to some very generous and enthusiastic crowds:


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